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Last Climbs: Mt Rainier - DC 6/23/06
  Mt. Shuksan - Sulfide Glacier July 30-31, 2005
  Mt. Baker July 16-17, 2005
  Denali (McKinley) May 2005
  Dragontail - Serpentine Ridge 8/13/04


What's New  
2.20.08 Lunar Eclipse Pictures  
2/11/07 Mount Rainier - Disappointment Cleaver  
2/10/07 Dragontail Peak - Serpentine Ridge  
8/14/05 Mt Shuksan - Sulfide Glacier  
7/21/05 Mt. Baker - Coleman\Deming Glacier  
5/30/05 Denali (McKinley)  
7/15/04 Burgundy Spire - North Face  
6/2/04 Mt Shuksan (Sulphide Glacier)  
4/30/04 Condormorphine Addiction  
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