Mt. Colchuck
I attempted Mt Colchuck in November of 2002. I wanted to test a bibler tent that I was borrowing in a storm. Well we got just that. We never made it up to colchuck pass because the wind kept blowing us off our feet on the steep snow. We were on the steeper edges of the col because we didn't know how much snow was loaded at the pass. We ended up setting up the tent on the steep snow by digging a platform in the dark. I also ended up loosing one of the poles during the setup process. It was an interesting night since the bibler only has 2 poles and I lost one down the hill. We ended up using trekking poles to support the remaining pole. It worked good enough. During the night the blowing snow started to cover the tent and our platform was covered in the morning. We had a great view of a wall out our tent. It was part of dragontail.
Looking up at Colchuck Pass
Ken in front of our
crippled tent
Another shot with a
better view of the wall
Looking down at Colchuck
Next day's view of Colchck
A closer look. You can
seet the steep wall we were
camped next too.

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