Mount Rainier
July 2002 | January 2005 | June 2006
Location: Mount Rainer NP  

Elevation: 14,410 ft

Route: Disappointment Cleaver
Grade: III
Topo Map
GPS Points(PDF Map)
Date: July 4-6, 2002
Climbing Party: Chris Woytko, Robert Garrison,
Steve Cook, Robert G Jr, Richard c,
Mount Rainier
Other Notes: Tallest point in Washington
Our climbing party
Heading up to Muir
Almost at camp Muir
Looking at the Cowlitz
The route goes through
the gap on the right
From the top of the cleaver
looking up at the Ingram
Our high point on
top of the Cleaver
Looking down at
the Emmons Glacier
Ingram Glacer
Ingram Glacier with
Ingrams Flats comp
Ingram Flats camp
Ingram Flats Camp
with the cleaver in the

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